M-LOG construction logistics

The level of security.

M-Sec Baulogistik.

Regardless of whether construction logistic coordination, construction safety, or communication on the construction site is required, the M-Sec construction logistic concept with its holistic approach will create trust and security in appointments, planning and implementation. We have briefly outlined our services and references below. Take advantage of our non-binding offer of a discussion. We are happy to give you more information in person, and we look forward to hearing of your interest.

Construction logistics coordination

A complex construction site requires monitoring at all times. We can guarantee you planning security at all times through our holistic care and implementation of the specified tasks – and nothing less.

  • Planning of time windows
  • Inventory control
  • Management of the deliveries
  • Coordination of the construction parties
  • Construction site security (access and access control systems)
  • Management of storage areas and construction machinery
  • Construction site order and cleanliness

Structural safety

Security minimizes risks. Not just a principle, but also proven in practice more than 1000 times. M-Sec will provide you with specialized personnel for this purpose.

  • Security management
  • Initial medical care/ first aid
  • Security service
  • Construction site barriers (fences, gates, etc.)
  • Monitoring of doors and windows via the most modern video technology
  • Control functions (proper disposal, storage, hazardous materials)
  • Monitoring access of construction site personnel
  • Occupational health and safety (noise measurements, lighting, etc.)
  • Compliance with the regulations and restrictions


By saying the right things, we will help you to keep an eye on the surroundings of the construction site and ensure trust. On this basis, costly conflicts can be avoided and your image will be maintained.

  • Communication with the surrounding area (local residents, etc.)
  • Construction site events
  • Site communication through info points and advertising
  • New media such as Internet and telemarketing

Our references

  • Am Hof, Wien
  • Erste Campus, Wien
  • PAB Prakhotel Belvedere, Wien
  • The Icon Vienna
  • Austria Campus, Wien
  • Süddeutscher Verlag München
  • Düsseldorf Maritim Hotel
  • Airrailcenter Flughafen Frankfurt
  • Erlangen Arcaden
  • Fraport Flughafen Frankfurt A-West
  • Uniklinikum Gießen
  • City Cube Berlin
  • Orion Darmstadt
  • Sky Office Düsseldorf
  • Kö Bogen Düsseldorf
  • Rüttenscheider Tor Essen
  • DB Schenker Essen
  • Kreuzbauten Bonn Bad Godesberg
  • UNC Bonn
  • WCCB Bonn
  • BMW Leipzig
  • UKE Hamburg
  • Flughafen Hamburg
  • Geomatikum Hamburg
  • Polizeipräsidium Mönchengladbach
  • VW Wolfsburg
  • VW Wolfsburg Designzentrum
  • Bayer Wuppertal
  • Fachhochschule Mülheim
  • BASF Ludwigshafen
  • Phönixcenter Stuttgart
  • BUT Daimler Stuttgart
  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
  • Hamburg Heights
  • Smart München
  • Airrail Center Frankfurt
  • Tower 185 Frankfurt
  • Mitten in München
  • Riem Tower München
  • Siemens München
  • HVB Tower München
  • Hotel am Hof Wien
  • Erste Campus Wien
  • Fleischmarkt Wien
  • Austria Campus Wien
  • EKZ Forum Hanau
  • Hochschule Münster
  • Ruhrpark Bochum
  • Ruhr-Uni Bochum
  • KASIG Karlsruhe
  • Bosch Stuttgart
  • Landeslabor Berlin
  • Mercedesplatz Berlin
  • BVH Boehringer-Wien

M-SEC Sicherheitsdienst
M-LOG Baulogistik

Head office in Essen

Laupendahler Landstraße 5
45239 Essen
Fon: +49 (0)201 – 490 605 00
Fax: +49 (0)201 – 490 605 29
E-Mail: info@msec.de